Аксесуари Volvo

Арт.: Pillow


Volvo pillow provides a comfortable support for the head, and is well suited for your car. It has pliable padding covered by an exclusive material. The pillow is designed to provide the best comfort and with its stylish design fits well with the car's interior. The pillow is offered in two different versions, in a wool fabric and perforated leather. The wool fabric, which consists of 80% wool, is a natural material that is soft and strong. Its excellent breathability contributes to the pillow feeling both warm and cool depending on the climate. The perforated leather exudes luxury and exclusivity and provides comfortable support. The pillow has been especially designed for the front seat but can also be used in the rear seat. The back of the pillow has a Zip that makes it easy to remove the cover for cleaning and airing. Part. No. Description 31470566 Blond, Leather, Image 1 31470565 Charcoal solid, Leather, Image 2 31470560 Charcoal solid, Wool, Image 3

Ціна: 500 гривень*

Факти та переваги

  • Provides comfortable support for the head.

  • Exclusive material in leather or wool fabric (80% wool).

  • Easy to put on and remove.

  • Wool fabric is machine washable at 30°C, wool program.

  • Use Volvo's leather care to clean the leather.

  • Volvo marked.

Технічні дані


Wool fabric, Leather


Charcoal solid, Blond


VCC11033, VCC11035, VCC11034



Cannot be used in combination with iPad holder or RSE multimedia system.


Engine : F5

Рік випуску : 2015

Розташування керма : R.H.D

Коробка передач : Ручна